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With the countdown to 2015 seriously on, use these links and reports to keep in touch with what is happening around the globe in relation to the MDGs.

Join us for The Micah Summit!

29th Sep 2014

You are invited to join us in New York, 7-9 December 2014 for reflection, celebration and exploration for the future!   Draft programme...

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8th Sep 2014

  give serious prayer and consideration to what on the surface seemed to many a highly improbable dream. The background to this gathering was a truly remarkable pledge made by the... Read full article

Time to shine the light on Australia - with a selfie!

13th May 2014

With 6 months to go until Australia hosts 20 of the most powerful leaders in Brisbane this November, EXPOSED is partnering with Micah Challenge Australia as they... Read full article

Green lights on the road to fairer business

Amanda Jackson | 25th Apr 2014

Australia, which holds presidency of the G20 this year, has set out its support for new measures to make tax evasion much more difficult. The measures will be a key part of G20 discussions... Read full article

Biblical justice comes to the Bundestag

21st Feb 2014

Justice Bibles were distributed to all 631 MPs of the Bundestag at the beginning of the year to remind the politicians of God’s values. The Justice Bible highlights over 3,000 different stories... Read full article

Your call can be conflict free!

17th Feb 2014

Buying a smart phone is like buying a bullet. In 2013 we told you about conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the terrible violence against women and girls. “Conflict... Read full article

UN Meeting on the MDGs Outcome Document

30th Sep 2013

Leaders met in New York on September 25th to discuss progress to fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals. In their statement they resolved to "intensify all efforts for their achievement... Read full article

New Ugandan Law crushes protest. Join us in speaking out to embassies.

27th Aug 2013

The Ugandan government, which recently shut down two newspapers and two radio stations, has gone further to stop public protest with a new law.  The Public Order bill will forbid more... Read full article

Why don't we hear sermons about corruption?

Marijke Hoek | 20th Aug 2013

At the height of the phone hacking scandal, which deeply implicated staff at News Corps in the immoral and illegal practice, the Church of England’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group wrote to... Read full article

It's Political

Marijke Hoek | 10th Jul 2013

The word ‘politics’ derives from the Greek politikos - "of, for, or relating to citizens". Its etymology reminds us that politics is actually about us, citizens. You can nearly... Read full article


Micah Challenge | 12th Jun 2013

World leaders need to ensure fairer distribution of resources World leaders meeting next week for the G8 summit are being reminded of their commitment to ensure the fairer distribution of... Read full article

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